We know that putting a price on carbon is one of the most straightforward and cost-effective ways to fight climate change. By making fossil fuel polluters pay for the real and damaging costs of their emissions, we can unleash the clean energy solutions we need, make D.C. families better off in the process, and help grow and diversify the local D.C. business economy. That’s why we need as many businesses as possible to come together and join the D.C. Put a Price On It Coalition.

Why Should DC Businesses support a carbon fee and rebate?

A carbon fee and rebate program will benefit the local business economy: By rebating the revenue directly back to citizens, residents will invest their money back into local businesses.

D.C. already provides ways to make your business greener: Your business is not alone in this! The District of Columbia offers tax incentives, rebates, tax credits, and financing to make green energy options more accessible and affordable.

D.C. families will come out on top: D.C. families will benefit economically and environmentally from cleaner air and water. The rebate would primarily boost the net incomes of low- and middle-income families. A rush of technological innovation in energy efficiency and renewable energy will create jobs and increase access to green goods and services. Families will have more money in their family bank accounts—that means more money to improve their quality of life and more money to spend on local goods and services. Plus, we will be breathing cleaner air and drinking cleaner water!

This model is economically predictable: Unlike regulations, a carbon fee and rebate program allows polluters to decide where and how they are able reduce their emissions, keeping our fuel economy stable.

Together, we can advance our city! We can reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere and stabilize our climate by putting a price on carbon in the District. By making D.C. a leader in carbon pricing policy, we are sending a signal to investors that clean energy will be more profitable in the future and will create an economic shift towards a green economy. Evidence shows that carbon pricing stimulates the economy, promotes job growth, and increases GDPs.

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