Polar Bear Plunge Social Media Toolkit

Welcome! So you’ve signed up to Plunge and you’re wondering… now what?  This social media guide will help you to communicate why you’re taking the plunge to your circles!  

In it you will find materials that can be used to invite friends and family to donate to your plunge and to support CCAN’s work on your social media channels. Each week we will be adding content so that you can always find something new to post!

Be sure to follow CCAN on Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram to get more plunge content ideas and stay up-to-date with any announcements! 


Below you will find images that you can share on social media, as well as language that you can use along with your posts.

To use images right-click on an image and select “Save image as.” This will download the image to your computer. Once downloaded you will be able to upload the image to your social channels.

If you have any difficulties or questions on how to promote your plunge using social media, please contact Stacy Miller, CCAN’s Social Media and Data Manager at stacy@chesapeakeclimate.org

  • Login to Facebook
  • Go to https://www.facebook.com/fundraisers and select Chesapeake Climate Action Network as the nonprofit you will be raising funds for
  • Customize your fundraiser details (we suggest naming your fundraiser something like, “[YOUR NAME’s] Polar Plunge for the Climate”
  • Set the end date for your fundraiser as February 14th
  • Once created, share your fundraiser regularly over the next few months with your friends by inviting them, posting on your fundraising page on a weekly basis (at least), and sharing your fundraiser.

If you have any difficulties with setting up a Facebook fundraiser, please watch this how-to video.


Copy and Paste the language below and include a fun image or GIF from the selections linked below.

  • I’m taking the BRRRR-tual Polar Bear Plunge for our climate, for clean energy jobs, and for a livable planet with a healthy climate! Join me at @ChesapeakeClimate’s 16th annual Polar Bear Plunge! http://keepwintercold.org/ 
  • The seas are rising and so am I! I’m taking the plunge to fight climate change and protect the environment! Join me:  http://keepwintercold.org/ 
  • Hi friends, I’m raising money to fight climate change with @ChesapeakeClimate – an organization dedicated to strong clean energy policy. When you donate, you’re acting on climate change in DC, MD, VA – and planet Earth! Learn more: [Insert your unique fundraising page link] 
  • This February, I’m excited to take the BRRRR-tual Polar Bear Plunge with activists from across the country. We’re joining together to get icy cold to save our climate! Please support me in this important work: [Insert your unique fundraising page link] 

Copy and Paste the language below and include a fun image or GIF from the selections linked below.

  • I’m freezin’ for a reason for the 2021 #KeepWinterCold Polar Bear Plunge to support @CCAN and fight climate change! #TakethePlunge Join me: [Insert your unique fundraising page link] 
  • The planet is on fire – and I’m working with @CCAN to help #KeepWinterCold! Will you support my Polar Bear Plunge this year? [Insert your unique fundraising page link] 
  • Today I challenged myself to raise $50 more for @CCAN at the Polar Bear Plunge! Help me reach my goal by donating to my Plunge page! #KeepWinterCold  [Insert your unique fundraising page link]
  • I scream, you scream, we all scream for robust and effective climate action! Join me in supporting @CCAN in their annual Polar Bear Plunge [Insert your unique fundraising link] #TakethePlunge #KeepWinterCold
  • Arctic ice is disappearing and this is bad news for all of us, I #TakethePlunge to show my support for those fighting for our climate future! Join me: [Insert your unique fundraising link]
  • According to researchers, the Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet, and we all have to work together to save it. Join me in supporting @CCAN by #TakethePlunge to #KeepWinterCold [Insert your unique fundraising link]

These images linked work for any platform! Click on the graphics below and save the image. You can find even more options and sizes in this Google Drive folder.


Instagram and Facebook Stories stay viewable on your account for twenty-four hours and then disappear. You can string along multiple posts to create a story-telling effect through images.

You can take this one step further on Instagram and save your plunge story to you “highlights.” By saving your story as a highlight, it will remain on your profile page until you delete it.

Some tips:

  • Tag your friends to challenge them to donate to your plunge 
  • Put your unique fundraising link in your Instagram bio and direct your followers to donate there through your story (“link in bio”)
  • Download CCAN graphics or use our templates to edit the graphic and make it yours
  • Add a photo of yourself, type out your unique fundraising link, and add it to the story
  • Have fun and be creative

Here are some talking points to get you started on drafting your posts. We have also supplied pre-written messages below that you can use.

  • CCAN’s annual Polar Bear Plunge is our biggest grassroots fundraising event — the funds raised power our victories to move Maryland, Virginia, D.C., and the rest of the country off of planet-warming fossil fuels and towards clean energy. Here’s a link to see some of our latest victories. 
  • This year we’re doing something new and EXCITING – a virtual, or BRRRR-tual Polar Bear Plunge so we can all stay safe during the coronavirus crisis. That means you can do your plunge from home and pick your favorite ice or cold water activity on February 13, 2021. 
  • Each year for 16 years, activists, friends, and families have shown their commitment to fighting climate change — and keeping winter cold — by taking an icy dip in a body of water (or your backyard!). Plungers recruit friends and family to “sponsor” their plunge, similar to charity walks.

Why CCAN’s plunge is important:

  • Human-made greenhouse gases are trapping more heat in the atmosphere and accelerating the increase in global average temperatures. 
  • According to experts at the United Nations IPCC, we have less than 10 years to take meaningful action to stop the progression of climate change. The time is NOW, and we need YOU!  
  • Through plunger outreach, we raise tens of thousands of dollars that CCAN and partner organizations count on each year to secure climate victories in the states surrounding our nation’s capital and beyond! 
  • Our leaders in Congress can’t get cold feet on climate – we need to hold their feet to the fire and ensure that we get real and lasting climate change legislation passed in 2021.

Why CCAN’s plunge is fun:

  • Hundreds of CCAN supporters of all ages tap into the chilling thrill of running into cold water each year. Signing up is easy. Jumping into icy water takes courage.
  • Our plungers are downright crazy. We’ve seen plungers play tennis in the chilled waters, perform a jingle on the trombone surrounded by ice and even go for a full-blown swim!
  • You’re joining in with hundreds of people in places all across the country to make this happen – all of our climate activism combined is an unstoppable force! 
  • Running full speed into icy water (or taking an icy bucket to the head) takes courage and the bragging rights are priceless!
  • Make posts about everything from recruiting your friends to register, to saying thanks for donations, to how you are preparing to take the Plunge! Some definite times to post are:
    • Initial post right after you register 
    • Raise awareness posts to get your followers to donate or join
    • Reminder posts to keep your plunge on people’s newsfeeds to fundraise and meet your goal
  • Use hashtags #TakethePlunge or #KeepWinterCold to show off all of the cool things you are doing!
  • Add photos, graphics, and GIFs to make your posts stand out.
  • Be sure to include a link to your personal fundraising web page when you post.
  • Share posts from CCAN  to keep your friends and followers updated!  This is really easy because we post the content – all you need to do is share. Just don’t forget to include your unique fundraising link! 
  • Asking for donations is never easy. Just remember that the number one reason people give is because you asked! Your passion and enthusiasm for fighting climate change is your best asset.

Have some graphic design skills? We use Canva to make our plunge graphics! 

Use the templates linked below to customize your graphics with your name, personal fundraising link, info on why you’re plunging, and maybe even a photo of yourself to make your posts stand out! 

Here are templates that you can use: 

Need help? Contact Stacy Miller, CCAN’s Social Media and Data Manager at stacy@chesapeakeclimate.org