Statement by Mike Tidwell, Executive Director of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network:

“We welcome the news that Dominion is making steps to bring offshore wind to Virginia. But this should have happened years ago. Dominion already lost a federal grant for $40 million for dragging its feet on the project. Will ratepayers have to foot that bill? Now, Dominion is moving forward because it has no choice — it is clear that offshore wind is an economic winner.

Meanwhile, Dominion continues to push for dangerous climate-warming fossil fuel projects like the Atlantic Coast pipeline, along with the support of Governor Terry McAuliffe. The offshore wind pilot project is nowhere near what’s needed to bring us to a clean energy economy. If McAuliffe and Dominion were truly serious about helping Virginia become a leader in clean energy, they would stop pushing for fracked-gas pipelines or offshore drilling and start focusing on expanding clean energy.”

Denise Robbins, Communications Director;; 608-620-8819
Harrison Wallace, Virginia Policy Coordinator;; 804-305-1472

Photo at the top from Flickr user Nuon with a Creative Commons license. 

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