In the past few months a strong group has come together to demand Maryland DOUBLE it’s commitment to clean electricity to 40% by 2025 by passing the Clean Energy Advancement Act.
Doubling our commitment to clean electricity is the right choice for Maryland. We know that climate change affects all of us, but in many different ways.  Here in Maryland, our coastal cities are already feeling the impacts of climate change, as flooding intensifies and marshland disappears.  More than 85 percent of Marylanders live in areas that fail to meet the nation’s clean air standards, and the state has the notorious distinction of being the worst in the eastern U.S. for ground-level ozone pollution. These health burdens harm low-income people and people of color disproportionately. More clean energy can reverse this trend.
Our new coalition reflects that, and mirrors what thousands of groups are doing throughout the nation, partnering with new allies and supporting a greater movement for justice.  There’s a new understanding growing that climate justice is part of a broader social movement, that we won’t be able to achieve a sustainable future without economic equality. That’s why for this campaign we’ve partnered with dozens of new groups across the economic justice, labor, health, and faith communities.
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Featured in the video are some of our strongest and newest partnerships:
Maryland Working Families is championing a Paid Sick Days campaign in Annapolis, so workers won’t need to choose between staying home and losing a day’s pay, and coming in and infecting their co-workers. They’ve joined our campaign because they support renewable energy and more job opportunities in safer and cleaner technologies and infrastructure.
We’ve joined up with Maryland and DC 1199 SEIU because healthcare workers see the effects of climate change everyday, in the form of asthma and air pollution.  Renewable energy means cleaner air, and a healthier environment, as well as billions saved in healthcare costs.
The Maryland faith community has joined us in pledging their support of doubling our clean electricity. Our faith traditions command us to be stewards of the earth and to take care of each other. Acting on climate is an extension of religious teachings, and we’re excited to have dozens of Maryland congregations behind this bill.
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