Virginia is on the front lines of climate change impacts that are here now. Residents of coastal neighborhoods in Norfolk deal with water lapping at their front doors from rising seas. More severe and intense storms are damaging property across the commonwealth.

CCAN and its supporters have achieved significant steps forward to promote clean energy and shut down some of the state’s dirtiest coal-fired power plants in recent years. But Virginia’s vast potential for clean energy and energy efficiency solutions still remains largely untapped because fossil fuel interests — led by Dominion Virginia Power — continue to stand in the way of progress.

Learn how you can help set a new direction for Virginia’s energy future — one powered by clean energy, not Dominion’s planet-heating fossil fuels.

No New Pipelines in Virginia

If the fossil fuel industry gets its way, there will be at least four major new fracked gas pipeline projects criss-crossing the Blue Ridge and Appalachian regions of Virginia and West Virginia – endangering our forests and farmlands, the communities living along their routes, and taking us backward in our fight to stop climate change. CCAN is committed to working alongside those living on the front lines of these projects — the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, the Mountain Valley Pipeline, the Appalachian Connector and the WB Xpress Project — to stop the spread of natural gas pipelines throughout our state and our region. Learn more >>

Safe Coast Virginia

The Hampton Roads region is one of the most vulnerable areas in America to the impacts of climate change, and residents are already seeing the consequences. Sea-levels are rising fast, forcing the raising of homes, roadways and naval infrastructure to fight chronic flooding. Ocean temperatures are warming, driving bigger and more intense storms and longer hurricane seasons. And ocean waters are becoming more acidic, harming the region’s seafood industry. We must act now to protect coastal Virginia from the catastrophic impacts of climate change. Learn more>>

Unlock Virginia’s Solar Power Potential

Solar energy is one of the fastest growing energy industries in America. Yet, Virginia is lagging behind. The commonwealth has the lowest installed solar capacity in the entire Mid-Atlantic, thanks in large part to regressive state policies championed by our largest utility companies. CCAN is working to lift the barriers to solar in Virginia so that we can harness this clean energy resource, and the healthier air and new jobs that come with it. Learn more>>

Climate Solutions, Not More Pollution: Standing Up to Dominion’s Dirty Power

CCAN is working to set a new direction for Virginia’s energy future – one powered by wind and solar energy and other clean technologies. We need energy that strengthens our communities, not Dominion’s planet-heating fossil fuels that put us at risk.   Learn more>>

No Offshore Drilling for Virginia

Offshore oil drilling would threaten Virginia’s coastal communities and fishing and tourism industries with devastating spills, while enabling more of the fossil fuel pollution causing climate change and rising sea levels. We want wind mills, not oil spills! Learn more>>