Coal Ash Stories Across Virginia

The past few months has seen fierce resistance across the state of Virginia to Dominion’s plans to dump toxic coal ash wastewater into our rivers, and then to leave the coal ash in unlined pits that could leak heavy metals into our groundwater for decades to come.

We’re angry, and rightfully so. Dominion wants to keep up with business as usual – getting what they want, when they want it. But not anymore.

Dominion has received the necessary permits from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality to ‘dewater’ two of its four coal ash impoundments — at Possum Point along Quantico Creek and at the Bremo Station along the James River. But Dominion still needs two more wastewater dumping permits, and four permits to deal long-term with the leftover coal ash waste. We have lots of work ahead to protect our water supplies from this reckless corporation.

Over the next few weeks, we’re partnering with friends and organizations across Virginia to spread awareness of the dangers of coal ash, and root ourselves in community action moving forward.

We’re helping host a series of screenings of Coal Ash Stories, an incredible documentary series by filmmaker Rhiannon Fionn and Working Films.

Coal Ash Stories paints a picture of what life looks like in communities threatened by coal ash contamination. People are unable to drink their own water, take a bath, fish or farm without worrying about long-term health effects. These fears are already being felt by communities located near coal-fired power plants in Virginia.

We’ll watch, discuss, and plan; and we need you to be there.

Look for an event near you!

March 31st –
Alexandria, VA – 7pm – Alexandria Beatly Branch Library,
5005 Duke St., Alexandria, Va.
Click here for the Facebook event page.

April 4th –
Richmond, VA – 7:30pm – Rag & Bones Bicycle Coop
3110 W. Leigh St., Richmond, Va.
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April 5th –
Dumfries, VA – 7pm – Dumfries Triangle Rescue Squad
3800 Graham Park Rd., Dumfries, Va.
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April 20th –
Charlottesville, VA – 7pm – Jefferson-Madison Regional Library
201 E Market St, Charlottesville, VA 22902
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Chesapeake, VA – To be announced

Check out the trailer here:

Coal Ash Chronicles extended trailer from Coal Ash Chronicles on Vimeo.