Tell your Maryland leaders: No New Fossil Fuels in Maryland!

Here’s the problem: every time a new fracked-gas pipeline or liquefied natural gas facility or dirty compressor station is proposed, progressive groups and vulnerable landowners are routinely caught off guard. Our side is then constantly playing defense from day one to stop these dangerous projects. Enough is enough. The science is clear. There can be no new fossil fuel development. No more pipelines. No more exploration of fossil fuels. We need a just transition to the clean energy economy now.

Keep Maryland frack free. Sign the petition for No New Fossil Fuels!



Put Virginia on the Road to 100% Renewables!
We need large-scale state policy solutions NOW to move away from the fossil fuel pollution at the root of the problem in a way that provides a just transition for everyone in Virginia. We support a policy that would require 50% of electricity to come from renewable sources by 2030 and to determine the best way to get to 100% shortly after.

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Washington, D.C. / National

Support Climate Justice in DC!

We passed the Clean Energy DC Act for 100% clean electricity and more. Now it must be implemented in a strong and fair way! DC’s transition to clean energy must protect the health and welfare of our residents — especially low-income communities. Less pollution gives us cleaner air; investment in energy efficiency saves money; and promoting renewables brings clean, domestic energy to residents.

Sign the petition for a just transition in DC!


More Actions

#ExxonKnew: Make Polluters Pay for Causing the Climate Crisis

Big Oil and Gas companies have knowingly contributed to climate change and engaged in a massive and expansive misinformation campaign to decieve the public on the scientific consensus around climate change and the severity of its impacts.

It’s time to hold them accountable. 

Add your name to the petition today.


Urge Virginia Leaders to Support a Green New Deal!

We are at a crossroads in Virginia. According to the world’s top scientists, we have just 12 years to completely remake our energy system and move off fossil fuels order to avert climate catastrophe.Let’s urge our legislators to make sure that everyone in Virginia is protected in a just transition to a livable climate future.

The only way for our leaders to meet our demands for strong climate action is to get on board with a Green New Deal! Sign today!


Tell FERC to Issue a “Stop-Work” Order on the Mountain Valley Pipeline and Atlantic Coast Pipeline!
These pipelines would harm streams, groundwater, air quality, wildlife, rural communities and communities of color, public health, and public lands including the treasured Appalachian Trail. They would increase consumer costs and worsen the climate crisis. They are not even needed — but would yield exorbitant profits for decades for the pipeline builders.

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Cut Carbon in Virginia!
The only way for our leaders to meet our demands for the strongest and most just cap on carbon possible is to take bold action and formally join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

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