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Washington, D.C.

The District of Columbia, home to more than 700,000 people, is a hot spot for local climate action and has some of the nation’s strongest goals to curb carbon pollution and advance clean energy.

CCAN activists in DC have played keys roles in ensuring the District gets 100% of its electricity from clean sources by 2032, the strongest climate law in the country.

Join us! Learn how you can get involved locally to advance climate solutions in DC:

Electrify DC

The movement to create cleaner, healthier, all-electric new homes and buildings is lighting up the country. There are wins on electrification in California, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Washington, and Colorado as well as nearby Maryland. CCAN has a bold vision that DC will join their ranks and eventually become a leader. Building electrification would benefit community members by giving them access to cleaner air, healthier homes, good jobs, affordable clean energy, and energy efficiency to reduce monthly energy bills while helping the District meet its climate goals. Learn More Here>> 

Stop the Billion-Dollar Pollution Plan in DC

There are hundreds of gas leaks in DC-area gas lines, and many of them are potentially explosive. Yet rather than just focusing on fixing these dangerous leaks, Washington Gas wants to spend billions of dollars replacing and upgrading their gas infrastructure, locking us into fracked fossil gas and so-called “renewable” gas for decades. That’s why we’re taking a stand. We’re pressuring the DC Public Service Commission (PSC) to REJECT WGL’s multi-billion dollar pollution plan. Learn More>>

Pass and fund the Healthy Homes Act!

Passage of the Healthy Homes Act is one of the biggest climate justice actions ever taken in the District, helping low-income residents improve their health, save on bills, and create a sustainable future. Now we need your help to make sure Mayor Bowser funds it! Learn More>>


Victory! Multi-faceted Bills Make the Nation’s Capital a U.S. Climate Policy Leader!

The Council of the District of Columbia approved two bills that will for the first time mandate that all new and substantially renovated buildings in the city be powered by 100% carbon-free energy (with the exception of low-rise residential structures). This sets in motion a phase-out of methane gas use across much of the nation’s capital.  

The city government itself, as part of these new bills, will also permanently discontinue purchasing fossil-fuel-powered vehicles and carbon-burning appliances in government buildings. These actions now put DC at the forefront of climate policy among US states and cities.  Read more here>>

Victory! We Brought DC to 100% Renewable Energy by 2032 with the “Clean Energy DC Act”

We won! In December, 2017, Washington D.C. passed the strongest climate policy in the country. The Clean Energy DC Omnibus Amendment Act of 2018, or “Clean Energy DC Act,” is a climate solution that will result in less pollution wrecking our lungs and our atmosphere, more investment into energy efficiency solutions, and a faster transition to clean, renewable energy sources. This law transitions the District to 100% clean electricity by 2032 — the strongest renewable energy policy in the country — while investing in energy efficiency, creating groundbreaking building standards, and funding local programs to help low-income residents and make the city a sustainable place to live. Learn more>>

Urge DC Council to Reduce GHG emissions in DC!

DC has been a leader in climate change policy, but there is room to do a lot more to end fossil fuel burning to create cleaner, healthier, all-electric homes and buildings is lighting up the country. Become part of CCAN’s Electrify DC campaign! Sign this letter to the DC Council Chairman. Sign here>> 

End Fossil Fuel Subsidies in DC!

DC has committed to carbon neutrality and phasing out fossil fuels, yet the DC government is continuing to subsidize dirty fossil fuels that pollute our climate and pollute our air. If you think DC should end subsidies for fossil fuels, please sign our petition! Sign petition>>


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