It’s the 2008 legislative session in Virginia. Do you know where your Governor is?

Well, on climate, he’s nowhere to be found. Speaking before the Senate Finance Committee, Preston Bryant (Va Secretary of Natural Resources) confirmed what we’ve all been noticing – environment isn’t high on the Governor’s list this legislative session. Thus far, the Governor has not made public statements or lent his support to any climate/energy initiatives. And Mr. Bryant noted that the Governor has ONE environmental/energy initiative this session.

Perhaps he’s referring to the Governor’s attempt to dismantle our citizen pollution boards, which give us a voice in permitting of polluting industries. Legislators report that they’ve been hit up all week by administration staff.

So, instead of supporting great initiatives like the Clean Energy Future Act Governor Kaine is trying to take away our voice with the Department of Environmental Quality. Earlier today, Governor Kaine took questions on a Washington Post live forum to discuss important issues in Virginia for 2008. Climate and energy weren’t mentioned once.

There should be an outcry at the Governor’s inaction – letters to the editor, calls, emails. The Governor’s # is (804) 786-2211. Let him know that climate should be a priority.

OK, he’s got an energy plan. We’ve got a Climate Commission. Governor Kaine testified before Congress on the impacts of global warming on the Chesapeake Bay. Where is the solution. Where is the plan??? This is unacceptable.

If the Governor doesn’t have a plan, at least he should support the Clean Energy Future Act. Or in the least, don’t take away the Citizen Boards. No pollution without representation.

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