“Miracle Ridge,” home of Bill and Lynn Limpert, is home to many important and valuable things, including countless centuries-old trees. But because it sits in the path of Dominion’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline, every single one of those trees are at risk — which is why dozens of campers have joined the Limperts for “No Pipeline Summer: A Camp to Save the Limpert’s Land.”
Just like the beautiful trees, Miracle Ridge is home to many precious memories. This is why we’re running a camp log at Miracle Ridge. Within the log, anyone has the option to write about their experiences during their stay in Miracle Ridge. Ever since the book and pen has been available to everyone, multiple people have written their valuable stories and thoughts. Just like the ones below.
Join us at “No Pipeline Summer” to make your own heartwarming memories, and remember what’s at stake. If you’d like to support the camp from afar, you can donate to the Interfaith Alliance for Climate Justice and specify that you’d like your donation to go to “No Pipeline Summer.”
And read on for some of the memories campers have chosen to share.

“We have plenty of pipelines and don’t need or want more. Facilitating fossil fuel distribution will speed global warming and climate change, which is already and existential threat to humanity. We need to preserve our forests and ecosystems. They have wonderful healing powers.” -Bruce Tinker

“I honor the sacred work that Bill, Lynn and Susan are doing here in Bath County. The Lord is rich and beautiful and ancient. Surely we can come together to prevent it’s destruction. Allowing destruction of Mother Earth is not acceptable for living beings, our children, our grandchildren. Please come you then and bear artness to the “power over” energy that is attempting to destroy our future.” -Pam Tinker

“Beautiful property. I’m glad I came and saw for myself the forest, with the big 400+ year old trees that would be destroyed, the waterway that would leave contaminated, and the views that would be obstinated, by the Atlantic Coast Pipeline going through the Limperts’ property. I’ve Learned a lot from my weekend here at the encampment, and will always follow what happens. Thanks for the open invitation to come and camp. As my first retreat experience, I must say it has been a very informational and enjoyable me. Thanks!” -Bryan Banning

“Round 2 out at the Limperts’ Thank you for being such gracious hosts. #NoACP” -Jared Couch

“Such beautiful land, trees, and water. I appreciate your efforts to promote this health and beauty for all, and your welcoming and conversation.” -Don Andress

“Thank you! The “Big tree tour” was so educational and transformational – Thank you for protecting and stewarding Little Valley.” -Annie Walters

“I know that we will win!!!” -Jamshid Bakhtiari CCAN

“Thank you x1,000 for the beautiful hike, your delicious food, and your generous hospitality. Fight the good fight!!!” -Chris Damon and Kate Rivara

“So grateful to have experienced this movement to protect Virginia’s natural beauty. I hope to be back soon! Thank you for sharing your home with me and others this summer!” -Eva Fuze

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