ghandiOn March 2, a mass action will occur at the coal-fired power plant that brings energy to Capitol Hill, bringing attention to coal’s contribution to the climate crisis and its threat to the health of future generations. The Capitol Climate Action,, represents the beginning of a mass mobilization for climate justice and energy solutions.

Participants engaging in civil disobedience at the coal plant are committing themselves to practice the nonviolence principles of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. Just as the civil rights movement was rooted in nonviolence, much was inspired and sustained by the faith community. In keeping with this tradition the Capitol Climate Action will be preceded by a prayer vigil offering an opportunity for people of various faiths to offer prayers for the success of this action and calling upon their spiritual resources to ground them in this important work for a cleaner, brighter, future for all of creation, in what Dr. King would call “the fierce urgency of now.”

The Prayer Vigil will occur at the staging area for the action, at Spirit of Justice Park (about three blocks from the coal plant), C St. SE & New Jersey Ave. SE (two blocks west of Capitol South Metro), from 12:30 to 1 pm, on Monday March 2. Banners from worship communities are welcome.

  • Opening: Lakota prayer to the 4 directions/Chant –Rose Khalsa 5 mins.
  • Prayer: Muslim –Ibrahim Ramey 3 mins.
  • Song: Bright Morning Star– Rev. Fred Small 3 mins.
  • Prayer: Rabbi Arthur Waskow 3 mins.
  • Singing: Emma’s Revolution “Peace, Salaam, Shalom” 3 mins.
  • Prayer: Rev. Graylan Hagler 3 mins.
  • Reflection: Rabbi David Saperstein 3 mins.
  • Testimonial: Pete Ramey (Appalachian Mountain Stewards) 4 mins.
  • Mountain Prayer- Kolya 1 min.
  • Song: Luci Murphy “The Tree of Life” 3 mins

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