Global Warming is a massive challenge. It requires serious commitment for change toward a better tomorrow, change from government and from individuals. Government action can help drive (and facilitate) individual action. And, well, individual action — individuals acting in concert — can help drive government action.

That second, individuals combining to drive a government response, is the core to Step-It-Up. And, after a massive set of actions earlier this year (1400 rallies across the nation), Bill McKibben is organizing another day of citizen engagement for 3 November 2007. This is something that everyone (EVERYONE) should engage with …

From Bill’s newsletter,

There are occasional moments in history when we desperately need leadership, and this is one of them. If we’re going to deal with global warming, then we need to go beyond politicians who say the right words and find champions who will actually do the tough work to transform our energy economy.

It is time for us, from all across the US, to work together. To seek a sustainable and prosperous energy future such as envisioned and outlined by Energize America. (McKibben on Energize America: “a remarkably comprehensive energy strategy that pays full attention to political reality … It’s precisely the kind of full-blown proposal that, if adopted, might fundamentally reorient our energy future.”)

The 3 November rallies have a purpose, a clear pupose. To get as many politicians (from all levels of government) and as many candidates as possible to publically commit to the four 1 Sky priorities:

  • an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050,
  • a 10% reduction target by 2010, to set the wheels rolling in the right direction,
  • a moratorium on new coal-fired power plants, and
  • a Green Jobs Corps to help fix homes and businesses so those targets can be met.

Let us be clear, the situation is urgent — Global Warming is not an issue that can be dealt with in some indeterminate time in the future. It is on us now, we are already feeling the impacts Globally. And, each moment that passes irreversibly sets the stage for a far worse situation in the future.

The best science tells us we have barely a decade to start the fundamental transformation of our economy and to lead the world in the same direction or else, in the words of NASA’s Jim Hansen, we will face a “totally different planet.” (He went on to say that the “1 Sky” priorities “describe just the kind of trajectory we need” to start solving the problem). A decade’s not very long

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