Our very own Ted Glick is headed to a jury trial on May 11th in Washington, D.C. All the way back on Sept. 8th, 2009 (the day Congress returned from its summer recess) he hung a banner that said: “Green Jobs Now, Get to Work.”

It’s ironic and sad that this call for action is as relevant now as it was eight months ago.

The trial was originally set to take place in late February but was postponed until May 11th. Prosecutors have made it clear that they want to make an example of Ted because of prior convictions for similar actions. Their plea deal, which he rejected, was that if he pleaded guilty he’d have to serve 30 days in jail.

Ted’s going to be defending himself, with the assistance of attorney Ann Wilcox. An important part of his defense will be to fill the courtroom with supporters. Can you come out and show your support?


If possible, it’s preferable that you come in the morning when the jury is selected. Of course, if you can only make it for the afternoon, that would also be greatly appreciated. The trial will take place in the Superior Court building, 500 Indiana Ave. NW. Ted’s judge will be Judge Frederick Weisberg. Hope to see you there!

Please sign up if you are interested in attending.

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