Baltimore, MD — The Abell Foundation released a new report today called “Turning Up the Heat on Cooling Down the Planet: Comparing the Climate Leadership Actions of Maryland and Massachusetts.” This report explains that Maryland was once a leader in climate change action but has since fallen behind states like Massachusetts. It also provides a list of key priorities Maryland should consider to re-establish itself as a national leader on climate change.

This report, by climate change and energy experts Tom Peterson and Rex Hazelton, identifies key characteristics of governmental leadership required to implement climate solutions at scale and offers a detailed review and comparison of actions in Maryland and Massachusetts, including identifying shortfalls and leadership response needs.

The Abell Foundation is fully dedicated to the enhancement of the quality of life in Maryland, with a particular focus on Baltimore. The Foundation addresses all kinds of issues that impact the disenfranchised, such as climate change, because no community can thrive if those who live on the margins of it are not included.

If you would like our assistance connecting with the Foundation or the report’s authors, please let us know. In addition, CCAN’s own climate and energy experts will be happy to provide quotes on the issues raised in this report.

To access the report, visit the Abell Foundation website. For more information on climate change in our region, visit

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