In April, the giant utility company Exelon announced plans to buy Pepco, the electricity utility that serves customers in Maryland and Washington, D.C. Exelon would become the biggest power distributor in Maryland and in the United States — should the deal go through. But for that to happen, the Public Service Commissions in the District of Columbia and Maryland must approve it, and find that the deal serves the “public interest.”
As an environmental group, we are strongly opposed to the proposed merger between Exelon and Pepco. In Maryland, we know this project is certainly not in the public interest.  Not only would it give Exelon a near-monopoly over our state’s utility market, but also it would severely restrict Maryland’s ability to transition to the clean, affordable, and efficient electricity grid we need. Furthermore, given Exelon’s track record, which includes opposition to many renewable energy policies, we are concerned that there is no way forward for this merger that would produce the key reforms and positive elements that Maryland’s electricity grid requires.
Today, CCAN joined together with twenty consumer, student, environmental, business and faith groups to announce our staunch and united opposition to this merger. The Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) must sign off on the merger before it can proceed, and we are standing together to say: Stop the Merger! No Exelon Monopoly in Maryland.
Sign-on letter opposing the merger:
Click here to view a PDF copy of the open letter signed by 20 groups opposing the Merger.
Press release:
Click here to view our press Release-Maryland Leaders Oppose Exelon-Pepco Merger.
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