Dominion Admits – “Clean Coal” plant not actually clean

Great post from TheGreenMiles.

Dominion Comes Clean on Coal, Admits Carbon Capture Nowhere in Sight (+)

As recently as five weeks ago, Dominion was hyping carbon capture and storage in connection with its proposed coal-fired power plant in Wise County. But in a new deal with the SCC, Dominion has finally admitted CCS is nothing more than pie in the sky:

Major provisions of the agreement include a reduction in the profit Dominion Virginia Power had wanted to earn on its investment in the plant and a settlement of the dispute concerning whether the plant can be considered capable of capturing greenhouse gas emissions.The proposed profit does not include a bonus credit that state law provides utilities for building cleaner-burning coal plants compatible with technology to capture carbon-dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide is considered a greenhouse gas.

The agreement says the proposed plant falls under state and federal definitions for a clean-coal plant but adds that whether the plant is compatible with carbon-dioxide capture is “unresolved at this time.”

I’m glad Dominion has finally admitted the obvious: When it comes to global warming, there’s no such thing as clean cloal.