Everyone and their mother will be at this rally on Sunday!

That’s right.  Even my mother (and father) is coming to the tar sands rally this Sunday.  They left this morning to start driving all the way from Champaign Illinois! When I asked them why they were coming (other than the obvious desire to spend time with their gorgeous and talented daughter) they talked about how inspired they were by the arrests in August and how they wanted President Obama to do the right thing. 


Momentum keeps building on this issue- Obama finally has taken responsibility for the decision.  Now’s the time to bring home the message and show up in mass on Sunday!  Thousands of us- from his old stomping grounds in Illinois to Nebraska to Maryland and more will circle the White House to show our support to reject the Keystone XL Pipeline. 

You won’t want to miss this rally.  Details here and RSVP here.  See you there- I’ll be there with my mother (and father)!