Working in this region surrounding our nation’s capital, CCAN is uniquely positioned to have an impact on climate and energy policy at all levels — from city hall to Congress to the White House.

In D.C., CCAN supporters were instrumental to putting clean electricity laws in place — and continue to push to strengthen them. From stopping the Keystone XL pipeline to advancing federal laws to cap carbon pollution, CCAN also contributes to some of the most important climate fights taking place nationwide.

Learn how you can get involved locally to advance climate solutions in our nation’s capital:

A Climate Solution: Cap and Dividend

“Cap and dividend” is a simple, fair policy solution to reduce CO2 emissions without reducing household incomes. It caps fossil fuels, makes polluters pay, and returns the revenue to everyone equally. Those who care about halting climate change agree that the amount of carbon allowed into our atmosphere should be limited and that the cost of carbon pollution should be paid by the industries that do the polluting. Learn more>>

Stop Keystone XL

The Canadian oil and gas company TransCanada wants to build a pipeline to carry the world’s dirtiest oil — tar sands oil — from Alberta, Canada across America’s heartland to the Gulf Coast for export. If President Obama is serious about fighting climate change, he must reject this pipeline. Learn more>>

Stop the Surge of Coal Exports

Coal is the dirtiest fossil fuel and the biggest cause of climate change. While the United States has begun to move away from coal—thanks to increasing competition from cleaner sources of energy, stronger regulations, reduced electricity demand, and organized grassroots action—coal executives are scrambling to keep their profits high by other means: coal exports. Learn more>>

Let’s Clean Up Coal Ash

CCAN is part of a national coalition of more than 300 environmental and public health groups working together to combat the fossil fuel lobby’s efforts to minimize federal oversight of coal ash dumps. Learn more>>