Trump’s Reckless Move on Offshore Drilling

Trump Risks Virginia’s $8.3 Billion Ocean Economy in Reckless Offshore Drilling Move

Harrison Wallace, Virginia Policy Coordinator at the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, stated:

President Trump’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management turned its back on coastal communities today when it offered up almost every bit of U.S. coastline for offshore drilling exploration. Since 2015, thousands of coastal citizens and over 140 coastal communities came out strongly against this dangerous drilling practice, yet President Trump’s administration has still decided to take on this reckless draft plan.

Instead of risking the future of an ocean economy that contributes more than $8.3 billion to Virginia’s economy, we should be investing in more wind energy that would double the amount of jobs that offshore drilling could produce. The Trump administration’s decision could also interfere with Navy and NASA operations that take place off of Virginia’s coast, threatening our defense preparedness.

As the effects of climate change ravage Virginia’s coast through stronger storms and increased recurrent flooding, the last thing we should do is attempt to extract even more fossil fuels. Secretary Zinke and the Trump Administration need to listen to the people and protect our climate, our coastline, and our communities.

Harrison Wallace, Virginia Policy Coordinator,, 804-305-1472
Denise Robbins, Communications Director,, 608-620-8819