Sign the petition: Double Maryland’s Clean Power!


Maryland’s General Assembly can and should aim higher in fighting climate change. Urge your state legislators to double our commitment to clean power — requiring that 40% of Maryland’s electricity come from clean sources like solar and wind by 2025. Sign the petition.


Tell Governor McAuliffe: Craft a VA Energy Plan that Commits to Serious Climate Action

Governor McAuliffe’s energy plan must outline policies to make a meaningful transition from fossil fuels to large-scale investments in clean energy. Click here to email Governor McAuliffe and urge him to steer the commonwealth toward a clean energy future.

Washington, DC

Tell the DC Council: We want clean energy, not toxic paper sludge!

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A major loophole in DC’s premier clean energy law is funneling ratepayer dollars toward the burning of toxic paper sludge — called “black liquor” — instead of true clean energy sources like wind and solar. Urge your DC Council member to pass legislation to close this loophole.

More Actions

No Study, No Fracking
Call on Governor O’Malley to protect Marylanders from fracking health risks. Sign the petition.


Tell President Obama: NO Keystone XL
President Obama will make his decision on the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline in the next few months. Urge President Obama to keep his climate promises and reject the pipeline.