Double Maryland’s Clean Power Supply!

It’s time to step up Maryland’s fight against climate change — by doubling our state’s requirement for clean electricity to 40% by 2025. Sign the petition to your Maryland State Delegates and Senator, calling on them to pass legislation in 2015 to bring more wind- and solar-powered electricity to Maryland!



 Tell VA Legislators: Bring More Rooftop Solar to Virginia!

Virginia is lagging far behind its neighbors in solar — one of the fastest growing industries in America — even though we have vast potential to harness this clean energy resource. Sign the petition urging your Virginia State Delegate and Senator to pass legislation in 2015 that will bring more rooftop solar power to Virginia.


Washington, DC

Tell the DC Council: We want clean energy, not toxic paper sludge!

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A major loophole in DC’s premier clean energy law is funneling ratepayer dollars toward the burning of toxic paper sludge — called “black liquor” — instead of true clean energy sources like wind and solar. Urge your DC Council member to pass legislation to close this loophole.



More Actions

Stop Crude Oil-by-Rail in Baltimore
Targa Resources, a company based in Texas, recently filed a permit to construct a crude oil shipping facility in Baltimore. If approved, this project would put thousands of Baltimore residents at risk as trains carrying highly volatile oil criss-cross Baltimore neighborhoods. Call on the Baltimore City Council to oppose this project.



Tell President Obama: NO Keystone XL
President Obama will make his decision on the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline in the next few months. Urge President Obama to keep his climate promises and reject the pipeline.