Tell your MD Senators: Fracking moratorium now!


On Tuesday, March 24th, the Maryland House of Delegates voted by an overwhelming, bipartisan 93-45 margin to advance a three-year fracking moratorium! Now it’s the Senate’s turn to act. Senators need to hear this message from constituents now: There’s no time to lose in protecting our air, water, soil, and health from dangerous drilling. Pass the Protect Our Health and Communities Act (HB 449/SB 409)!



Tell Gov. McAuliffe: Dominion’s Mega-Pipeline for Fracked Gas is NOT a Climate Solution

Dominion’s proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline is the wrong energy choice for Virginia. It will negatively impact the agricultural, cultural, and natural resources in the region, especially water. It will impact valued public lands, among the most significant and unique in the East, that are relied on by millions for public drinking water as well as for outdoor recreation. Finally, through gas transport and combustion, it will expand greenhouse emissions from methane, eighty times more potent than carbon as a heat-trapping gas, and continue to fuel climate change.



Support the Healthy Climate and Family Security Act of 2015!

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On February 24th, 2015, Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen introduced strong new federal legislation to combat climate change. The bill, called the Healthy Climate and Family Security Act (H.R. 1027), caps carbon pollution, requires fossil fuel companies to purchase pollution permits at auction, and returns 100% of the revenue in equal amounts to every U.S. resident with a Social Security number. Click here to call on your Representative in Congress to act.



More Actions

Stop Crude Oil-by-Rail in Baltimore
Targa Resources, a company based in Texas, recently filed a permit to construct a crude oil shipping facility in Baltimore. If approved, this project would put thousands of Baltimore residents at risk as trains carrying highly volatile oil criss-cross Baltimore neighborhoods. Call on the Baltimore City Council to oppose this project.



Tell President Obama: NO Keystone XL
President Obama will make his decision on the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline in the next few months. Urge President Obama to keep his climate promises and reject the pipeline.