Tell MD Legislators: Support the Clean Energy Jobs Act


Momentum is building to pass the “Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Act” in the upcoming session of the Maryland General Assembly.

The bill would require that 25 percent of Maryland’s electricity come from clean sources like wind and solar by 2020. The passage of this bill alone will have the impact of putting solar on 73,000 more homes in Maryland. It’s the top step our legislators can take to reduce global warming pollution. Email your MD state legislators and urge them to pass this clean energy bill on to Governor Hogan’s desk.



Governor McAuliffe: Ensure real pollution cuts under the Clean Power Plan.

By this spring, Governor McAuliffe has to decide: Will he let Dominion increase total carbon pollution from power plants, despite the intent of new federal regulations to reduce such pollution? Or will he do the clear-cut RIGHT THING—and implement the Clean Power Plan with real solutions like solar, wind and greater efficiency?

Tell Governor Terry McAuliffe to do the right thing—for Virginia and for our climate—and ensure real pollution cuts under the Clean Power Plan.



Tell Your U.S. House Representatives: Co-sponsor the “Cap-and-Dividend” Climate Bill

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On February 24th, 2015, Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen introduced strong new federal legislation to combat climate change. The bill, called the Healthy Climate and Family Security Act (H.R. 1027), caps carbon pollution, requires fossil fuel companies to purchase pollution permits at auction, and returns 100% of the revenue in equal amounts to every U.S. resident with a Social Security number. Email your U.S. House representative and urge him or her to co-sponsor the “cap and dividend” bill.



More Actions

Fight Crude Oil-by-Rail in Baltimore

Oil trains travel in close proximity to Baltimore homes, schools, churches, and major economic hubs like the Inner Harbor.

Now, it’s time for the Baltimore City Council and Mayor to take action and study the health and safety impact these trains put on communities by passing Ordinance 16-0621.

Tell your City Council Member and Mayor Rawlings-Blake to pass Ordinance 16-0621.



Ban Fracking in Maryland to Protect our Communities and Climate!


In 2015 CCAN worked to pass a 2.5 year moratorium on fracking in Maryland – making Maryland the first state with significant gas reserves to put a legislative moratorium on this process.

Now, we’re building the movement for a permanent, statewide ban on fracking. Add your name to the call for a permanent ban on fracking in Maryland.