In the next 60 seconds, I’m going to give you more GOOD news on climate change than anyone has given you all year. Ready?
The District of Columbia will soon pass the strongest clean energy legislation in American history! Seriously. It includes a mandate for 100% wind and solar power for the entire DC grid by 2032. Meanwhile, members of Maryland’s General Assembly have now reached “supermajority” status in support of a bill that will convert half of that state’s grid to renewable power within a decade. The bill also creates a pathway to 100% clean power soon after that. And Virginia? The citizens there are beating back — with real success — two major fracked-gas pipelines while pushing Governor Ralph Northam toward a statutory cap on carbon pollution for all dirty power plants.
Whew. Yes, all of that is happening. And the Chesapeake Climate Action Network has been at the CENTER of each one of those campaigns in all three states. Which is why, during this season of giving, we ask you to consider making a generous donation to our proven climate leadership in the states of Maryland, Virginia and DC. Please give. We can’t do it without you. Give now.
And yes, worldwide, the news is bad, bad, bad on global warming. The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says we have barely ten years to cut the world’s carbon emissions in half. And a Trump Administration report, dumped the day after Thanksgiving, says huge climate impacts are already harming the US economy and public health.
But you – in partnership with CCAN – are part of the solution. We live in a region that includes and encircles the nation’s capital. So when the DC Council passes the “Clean Energy DC Omnibus Act” for 100% clean power, people across America and the world will notice. When Maryland creates tens of thousands of new wind and solar industry jobs by passing the “Clean Energy Jobs Act” – which we predict it will by April – then other states will notice. When the citizens of Virginia fight back against the Mountain Valley Pipeline and the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, then dirty-energy investors nationwide get the message: We don’t want your stinkin’ pipelines. We want clean energy.
Of all the regions of the world, you and I live in the one that can truly accelerate the clean-energy revolution worldwide in time to save the planet. Thank you for your activism. And thank you for considering a gift to CCAN. Your support gives our region and our fragile planet a fighting chance to survive and to prosper.
Happy holidays,
Mike Tidwell


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