If you live in Southern Maryland or Baltimore, you might have met Healthy Communities Organizer Jon Kenney testifying to stop Dominion’s gas export facility at Cove Point, marching against a dirty trash incinerator in Curtis Bay, or organizing a community meeting to pass oil train legislation through City Hall.
After nearly three years at CCAN, Jon moved on to attend grad school in DC this month, but not before he had a chance to welcome and train Jamshid Bakhtiari, our new Healthy Communities Campaign Coordinator, to carry on the fight!
Jamshid will be leading our efforts to curb oil trains in Baltimore and bring the benefits of community solar to Maryland communities:
Your age: 25
Where you live: Baltimore, Maryland
Your work background: I have previous experience organizing around a host of different issues – most notably I’ve worked with the VCU Living Wage Campaign, the National Lawyers Guild, the Virginia Defenders for Freedom, Justice, and Equality, and the Richmond Peace Education Center.
Why are you a CCAN employee?
I am a CCAN employee because of our commitment to broadening the scope of the environmental justice movement to include a broad range of human struggles.
What has inspired you most working for CCAN so far?
So far I have been most inspired by all of the great organizers and activists that I have had the privilege to learn from and work alongside. In addition to the depth of organizing experience and knowledge that CCAN has on staff, I am constantly meeting partners and supporters in Baltimore who are bringing their unique skills to the table to build a sustainable climate movement in the region.
What have you contributed to bringing about a clean energy revolution that you are most proud of?
Every time I contribute to someone feeling empowered to take action – no matter how small that might be. For instance, after our last community meeting on oil trains, members of the community really took ownership of the issue and started planning a campaign strategy to win. Being able to facilitate this process of community empowerment is always both energizing and humbling.
What do you like to do when you’re not fighting climate change?
When I am not on the campaign, I enjoy trying new vegetarian recipes, exploring new and exciting music, and trying to maintain an active lifestyle.
Who would you high five? Who WOULDN’T I high five? Special props to anyone willing to take time out of their day to work against injustice.

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