Dear friends,
There are a million causes to give to this time of year. But keep this in mind: We at CCAN are fighting to save the actual North Pole!
And the South Pole! And everything in between.
Please give with all your might to all of the other good causes, but remember to keep climate change near the top. Without a solution to climate change, all the good causes we donate to this time of year will be made worse, from childhood hunger to animal welfare to the restoration of your favorite river. So please, as 2017 draws to a close, would you consider a generous gift of $35, $50, $100, or more to the Chesapeake Climate Action Network?
What has CCAN achieved this year? In Virginia, we’ve delayed one massive fracked-gas pipeline and gone to court to stop another. In DC, we’ve made huge progress in passing an innovative carbon rebate bill. And in Maryland, we’ve advanced the cause of rooftop solar and offshore wind power — and don’t forget the BAN ON FRACKING!
It’s been a year of big freaking deals, in the words of our friends. A true banner year. So, we’re celebrating.
But we need your support to help us keep this momentum up next year. So will you celebrate with us and help us keep fighting in 2018 with a generous gift today? Or would you consider signing up to give monthly?
To save the North Pole — and the hopes and dreams of all children everywhere — we’ve got to keep fossil fuels in the ground while we power all our menorahs and Christmas trees and Kwanzaa lights with sunbeams and ocean breezes.
Happy holidays from the whole CCAN family!
Mike Tidwell

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