Maryland is poised to be a leader in clean energy solutions to climate change, thanks in large part to groundbreaking laws CCAN and our allies have helped to pass — including one of the strongest state-level carbon caps in the country, a clean electricity standard to spur wind and solar power, and landmark offshore wind power legislation.

But Maryland still gets a majority of its electricity from burning dirty fossil fuels — coal, oil and gas. Meanwhile, new dirty energy threats, such as fracking and fracked gas exports, would set us back further in solving climate change.

Learn how you can take action to make Maryland a clean energy leader and keep our communities safe from dirty energy pollution.

Stop Cove Point: No Fracked Gas Exports

A Virginia-based company called Dominion Resources wants to build a massive export facility on the Chesapeake Bay in southern Maryland to export fracked natural gas to Asia.  This Cove Point project would incentivize more harmful fracking across our region. It could trigger more planet-heating pollution than Maryland’s entire fleet of coal-fired power plants combined. Learn more>>

Double Maryland’s Clean Power: 40% by 2025

Maryland has only scratched the surface of our clean energy potential. With global warming accelerating faster than scientists predicted even five years ago, and with clean energy solutions abundant and readily available, it’s time for the Maryland General Assembly to double our state’s commitment to clean power and require 40% electricity from clean sources by 2025. Learn more >>

Protect Marylanders from Fracking

The clock is ticking: The gas industry is targeting Maryland as the next place to bring dangerous fracking and our state’s temporary protections against this high-risk form of drilling will expire on August 1st, 2014. We’re working to protect our communities from the contaminated drinking water, air pollution, illnesses, and worsening climate change linked to fracking in nearby states. Learn more>>

Accelerate Maryland’s Climate Action Plan

Maryland has a far-reaching action plan designed to reduce statewide greenhouse gas pollution by 25 percent by 2020, a goal mandated by the General Assembly in 2009. CCAN is working to put this plan into action — by fixing and strengthening our state’s renewable energy laws, advancing offshore wind power, and boosting energy efficiency solutions. Learn more>>

Fight Dirty Coal and Incineration

CCAN is fighting to move Maryland beyond all dirty sources of energy that pollute our climate and communities. This includes the dirtiest fossil fuel — coal — and trash-burning incinerators, which can emit just as much or more toxic air and carbon pollution as coal-burning plants. Learn more>>