Ten Years of Real Change

Chesapeake Climate Action Network has reached its tenth birthday and a lot of progress has been accomplished in this past decade. There have been moratoriums on offshore drilling and the… Continued

Friends of CCAN

  It’s CCAN’s 10th Birthday and all of our supporters are wishing a good tenth. We look forward to growing our network of supporters, friends and fans in the coming… Continued

Dangerously Subtle

Lately, the news is ablaze with reports about the wildfires burning out west. Climate scientists, to the chagrin of many climate change deniers, have published studies that indicate how climate… Continued

WWRD? (What Would Reagan Do?)

Last week, I recommended working around our new crop of fingers-in-ears, stoutly conservative Congressional climate change deniers.

Green and Gorgeous

While politicians are busy arguing over the exact degree to which humans have impacted climate change, innovative designers are diving into clever new energy technologies and green designs. The Land… Continued

REC New Members Meeting

As some of you may know, Allegheny Power no longer exists in Virginia. The customers that were with Allegheny have been divided between Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) and their affiliate,… Continued

Transparency…What is that?

In our recent efforts to educate member-owners and ratepayers of the Rappahannock Electric Cooperative through phone calls and door-to-door visits, I have realized that this campaign goes so far beyond… Continued